3 Ways to Ignite Passionate Worship in your Church Immediately

We have all been here:

A group from the church returns from an amazing conference totally on fire, and more passionate than they have ever been at your regular services, but the drive only lasts for a few weeks.

We've also been here:

A big name artist just came through town and pulled off an amazing worship set at the church, and the attendance was more than we have ever seen and the zeal in the room was electrifying. But, the next service without the big name artist was dull and like revving up a lawn mower; the whole first song was wasted reminding the church body why they came to church in the first place.

So, How do we get people more excited about worship?

Here are 3 things that will create an incredible atmosphere to facilitate your churches heart for worship and jump start your community to a passionate worship culture:


1. Be Relational:

Meet with people from your team, your church, and over all community. Meet with them outside of church and get to know their hearts so that you can better champion them in worship.

2. Make Room For It:

If you are buying a new couch but have no room for it in your house you really aren't going to use it! Same goes with creating culture. Create environments that encourage people to dive in. Create a safe place to try new things in worship. Be it at an extra service, house worship, or just longer practices.

3. Pray:

Prayer is the fuel behind every movement. Let the Lord know your heart and pray with the community around you. Prayer stirs hunger, desire, zeal, and over-all anticipation for God and what he has planned for your church.