The Revolution Church Internship Program seeks to accomplish: 

  • hands on learning experiences that will equip future leaders for ministry in an apostolic movement. 

  • a learning experience that Spiritually and physically challenges you to contribute to the service and ministry of our congregation and our city.

  • Allowing new leaders the chance to hone their skills further, develop new ministries, while working along with others, in a fun, vibrant, Spirit filled environment.

  • learning together, growing together, leading and developing teams, and assisting in the day to day duties throughout the church.

  • Stirring up a life long passion to lead others into the presence of the Holy Spirit, as well as placing a high value on HIS presence.


Who Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for Spirit filled, joyful, young adults who…

  • Have a heart to see Heaven Invade Earth.
  • Have a heart to preach the Good News to everyone.
  • Have a heart for souls and more souls!
  • Want to place their hands on the sick, and see them healed.
  • Will do their best to see the commission fulfilled in our city!
  • Revivalists!
  • Are serious about entering full-time ministry.
  • Will give 100% on every assignment.
  • Are dependable and positive.
  • Take seriously their learning experience.
  •  Are flexible and willing to help when needed.
  • Are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.


What You Can Expect from The Revolution Church

  • A balanced internship that covers general and concentrated ministry in an Apostolic Movement.
  • Interaction with a professional and caring staff.
  • Weekly interaction and personal attention from pastoral team.
  • An opportunity to "Do The Stuff".
  • Learning to live a lifestyle that is passionate about sustaining a culture of Loving God, Loving People, Pursuing and Abiding in His presence.


Interns will focus on ministry in these areas:

1. Concentrated Ministry

Each intern will also focus on a specific ministry area under a staff member. He/she will be exposed to the necessary skills and abilities to administrate and run that particular ministry. A significant portion of the intern’s time will be spent in their ministry area.

2. Other Ministries

Interns will also learn how other ministry areas operate and function with the “big picture” of the church.

3. Learning Strategy

Each intern will make a “Learning Covenant.” It will include any educational requirements and all educational requirements and expectations. The strategy for learning will include areas of focus such as…

4. Personal Research

Topics that are directly related to located ministry will be researched and studied.

5. Individual Mentoring

Their concentrated ministry areas staff will mentor interns. They will spend considerable time learning how to administrate and run that particular area.

6. Reading

You will be expected to read materials that may or may not be provided. Materials include Apostolic Ministry, Healing, Intercession, and Revival etc…


Interested in applying for an Internship?

If you are interested in the Internship Program at The Revolution Church, we would love to hear from you. Please download our application packet and follow the directions. Internships are for a term of nine months starting in September through June of each respective year. Applicants have the option of serving for two terms in their ministry area. We look forward to hearing from you!


Are you applying for a Worship Leader Internship?

If you are currently serving on a worship team (or have done so recently), have some experience of leading worship in a church context, can play an instrument (guitar, piano, or drums, etc…) to a competent level – and first and foremost have a heart that hungers after God and reaches out to others please submit:

  • a completed application
  • resume
  • recent picture of yourself
  • and any available DVD, CD, MP3, footage of you leading worship.


These positions are part time and self funding – there’s no cost for the actual internship, but you’ll need to cover your travel and living costs (we can give you an idea of how much that is likely to be - and all the details of where to fly to, how to find accommodations etc… when you apply)  

Jason Himmelberger (Pastor of Revolution Church)