APRIL 5TH - 6TH / 2019

Revolution Church - 3415 S. Peabody St. Port Angeles, WA 98363

eyes on the harvest

conference schedule


Speaker: Greg Daley
President of IFM

Speaker: Jason Himmelberger‬
Pastor of Revolution Church

Noon: Lunch Break

Speaker: Bill Boone‬
Bill and Linda Boone are leaders at Seattle Revival Center and lead weekly outreach teams onto the streets. Bill was dramatically challenged and changed when his eyes looked up and he saw the harvest while on the streets.

Speaker: Benji Rodes‬
Benji & Abbi Pastor Tacoma Barn, their church is engaged actively in Outreach through gifts of the Spirit fresh ideas and unconventional means.

Prophetic ministry & Prayer


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Revolution Church / 3415 S. Peabody St. Port Angeles, WA 98362