OCTOBER 6th - 8th / 2017

at The Revolution Church - Port Angeles, WA

This October we are honored to host Joanne Moody Joanne is a licensed minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, Certified Practitioner through the Christian Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening, Christian Life Coach through Western Seminary’s Coaching Program and is certified through the International Coaching Federation. She leads healing teams, teaches, speaks, trains and equips leaders and laypeople nationally and internationally in all types of ministry venues. Joanne has completed her first book on living a life through adversity which covers her near-death experience and miraculous healing of 14 years of debilitating nerve pain. Expected release is TBD. Joanne lives in Rocklin, California, has been happily married to Mike for 18 years. She loves being mom to 17-year-old son, Kian.